Arcturus Module

automation online to create radio contents

To create in few clicks assembled audios and download the MP3 file format with professional editing.

Is Simple, is easy and amazing. You’ll never be so free to CREATE YOUR OWN KIND OF RADIO

Select musical style.

Heremanage music of high turnover.

Select speaker’s voice.

Select name of the radio program.

Determines the number of music tracks

between spots of the program.

Decides the number of weeks of programming  EasyMakeRadio will create.

Generates in one click .mp3 files with the opening and closure of the radio show.

You decide how many audio blocks you want EasyMakeRadio process & download completely performed.

Even EasyMakeRadio will create the chapters depending on the duration of each production and emission days.

EasyMakeRadio allows you to manage audio files from commercial ads and radio station IDs.

You may upload audio files to mix the music for the final assembly or select those available for free use.

EasyMakeRadio will automatically monitor the quality of, kbps, bitrate and volume level of the uploaded audio file securing the proper assembly and quality standard to be issued.