Emma Module

AAC+ audio streaming server

Use audio stream © enables you to broadcast high quality audio to anyone in the world. Stream to PC’s, Tablets, Mobile Phones or other devices.  We transcodes your stream to the codec(s) of your choice.
Connect to our streaming server or let transcode your current web stream.
Stream to your listeners in AAC+, FLAC, VORBIS in the highest quality possible!


Simple and quick steps to install and cast your radio signal with professional sound digital quality.

Our Offer:

Ad Delivery Network

Earn additional revenue for your radio station by running ads on your audio Player and mobile apps with our Ad Delivery Network. The ads are geo-located, so your listeners will see ads relevant to their area.


Support 24x7x365 by free ticket system.


Graphic panel with a constant updating statistics


All streams are broadcasting in stereo.

No Set-up fees

Instant access

No long term commitment

Unlimited listerners / slots

self-administered website no extra cost.

Web Player

Stream to our AAC+ server OR relay an existing stream