Humberctus Module

manage your radio newscast and his web

Tool to manage news platform by ©

The perfect stand for management and service delivery breaking news by means mp3 audio file downloaded from the web.

This module also provides you the control of a news website.

Exclusive Development to be used by news agencies.

Quick easy steps to build and download the audio file in radio news format .

To control and delivering news in audio format to a network of radio stations

Automates the delivery time for newscasts

Supervises the downloads made ​​by each subsidiary of network broadcasters

Each affiliated radio station be includable in the newscast which receives the news of his city.

EasyMakeRadio will create smartly audio files with the local information of each broadcasting station of the network and adding national information for everyone equally.

After this, EasyMakeRadio, will give each radio station custom local information.

The interplay between a national reporter and central news is supported.
Sending multimedia files such as photo, audio and video or text is managed by this
EasyMakeRadio tool.

And more features for development of News Agencies.

‘IS NOT ALL! Such a system will allow you to simultaneously manage, edit and publish all received information in their own news website.

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