Lyra Module

voice bank manager

Manage voice bank by ©

This essential tool means THE SOLUTION for recording studios with voices bank, producers, and speakers teams, that allows to manage the selection and send of texts to recording.


Besides, you may check the process at each step, until the assignment is ready to be delivered to the client.


At the same time, it has the advantage of bring a transparent way to check if the performance is correct based on the assignment; in order to pay services to the speaker, bringing a fast response to your client as well.


With this tool, you can manage not only each customer account, buyings and payments, but the speaker’s accounts as well. These professionals will have an access user/password to watch their accounts status and become knowledgeable of still outstanding balance and the amounts already perceived for each done job.


From the client access system, he will be able to check the process of his assignment step by step, his private client account, available credits for new recordings, and once finished the recording process, download it.


Easymakeradio allows your clients to decide, before a recording assignment; the voice more suitable for their need, by means of choice among features like: style, voice tone, voice gender, language expression, and many others.
The most specifity on the assignment, the most satisfactory results.


Once you test it…you’ll love its simplicity and adaptability…
Actually…the troubleshooter of the
Easymakeradio experience !!