Fyonna Module

business full management


business full management.


This tool allows a complete management of your business, giving you inmediate information about each client or provider (speakers), payments, assignments, bill due dates, pre designed answers, ticket system for fluid contact with clients, and some statistic data including a screen report in real time, of suspicious attempts of forcing the system, and much, much more !!


This module provides different levels of access, giving to the admin the whole manage, keeping confidentiality from another users like:
employees, customers, non customers, speakers, etc.

Therefore, your data keeps in safe and under your supervision, in every moment.


You’ll love the simplicity and safety this tool will bring to you !

Other tools in this applications:


Sending E-Mails on Batches


Send messages to customers and / or potential customers


Technical support Online System


Admin for services that you provide


Management of bank accounts


Integrated system for sales and incoming payments via barcode


Schedule of alert

Record & Alarm Events


Different search data options based on:
 non customer
 and many others according to your needs


Warnings, Alerts and FAQ`s for customers

Terms & Conditions
Questions to the customers
Tips for customers
Show general announcement to issuers